Securing Net Zero Success in UK Cities through Strategic Memberships

Why Become a Member? 

3Ci private sector memberships are your gateway to an exclusive network of investors and innovators committed to advancing Net Zero. By becoming a member, you can actively contribute to our mission of supporting UK cities in their journey towards Net Zero sustainability.

Do you have a desire to: 

  • Collaborate with cities on their Net Zero initiatives? 
  • Showcase your expertise from the private sector? 
  • Foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge across various sectors? 

Diverse Membership Tiers

We understand that everyone has a unique vision and mission. That’s why 3Ci offers diverse membership
tiers to align perfectly with your company goals and interests:


Champion and enable 3Ci at the highest level. Help shape our work and input into policy discussion


Become involved in our activities and work programme around Net Zero projects


Showcase your ideas and engage with our community

Membership benefits

As a private sector member, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits, including amplified visibility, networking opportunities, the sharing of expertise, and, most importantly, contributing to the overarching objective of supporting 3Ci in helping cities achieve Net Zero sustainability. In essence you will be a co-architect of our ambition of delivering net zero ideals across all cities in the UK.

Each tier of membership comes with a host of exclusive advantages such as:

  • Attendance at our thought-provoking events.
  • Invitations to speak at our gatherings.
  • The potential for roundtable discussions with
    influential leaders.

Support From our Partners


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