3Ci is committed to working closely with our partners and stakeholders to identify areas where further research and analysis is needed to help secure the finance to achieve Net Zero. We work with a range of leading organisations to develop these insights aimed at accelerating knowledge transfer across the market.

A full list of our publications and a summary of each can be found below and we have plans for future reports, including those within our ‘Innovation Accelerator’ series on financing models and community engagement.

From Challenge to Opportunity: Unlocking a UK-wide Net Zero Investment Dividend

March 2024

Net Zero Future: 3Ci’s Collaborative Journey with Scottish Cities

January 2024

Opportunities to invest in delivering Net Zero

The UK Net Zero Neighbourhood Prospectus

December 2023

Opportunities to invest in delivering Net Zero

The Case for a National Net Zero Neighbourhoods Programme.

June 2023

3Ci Net Zero Programme Action Plan – Version 3

January 2023

Our Pathway Towards Net Zero Investment and Growth

October 2022

Unlock Private Investment for Net Zero – A Practical Guide for Local Authorities

October 2022

Helping UK Cities Attract Global Investment for Net Zero Projects

September 2022

City Investment Analysis Report

October 2021


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