Supporting the delivery of Net Zero – free online courses for local authorities and public servants

Public Servants and Climate Change: Reaching Net Zero will support local authority colleagues to overcome the challenges to transitioning to net zero. Foundations of Delivery will enable learners to enhance delivery and performance measurement. The courses are fully funded by 3Ci.

Via this partnership, learners can expect a world-class education experience that is backed by the latest research and expertise. These courses provide an excellent opportunity to upskill your knowledge on net zero strategy and play a critical role in achieving our national net zero targets. 

We invite you to apply for our courses based on your potential to make a positive impact in your community. Places are limited.  

Public Servants and Climate Change: Reaching Net Zero (10 places) 

Co-developed with Apolitical, Oxford Net Zero and Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (SSEE) at the University of Oxford, this course provides a comprehensive overview of net zero, including its challenges and exploring how to promote the transition to net zero. In this course, you’ll explore the science underpinning net zero and engage with policies designed to reach it.  

By the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Evaluate and critique a climate change memo to more clearly and comprehensively explain the science of climate change. 
  • Investigate and analyse a climate action plan. 
  • Evaluate the role of public servants in driving net zero. 

Estimated learning time: 10 hours  

Dates: 29 May 2023 – 1 July 2023 

Apply by 5 May 2023.

Foundations of delivery (10 places) 

Co-developed with expert partner Delivery Associates, this course focuses on delivery and related performance measurement. This course will support you in understanding of the fundamental principles and processes which underpin delivery in government, such as prioritising goals, assessing organisational capacity, developing and managing effective implementation plans, and cultivating a culture of delivery. 

By the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Examine key factors required to build a foundation for delivery 
  • Understand the delivery challenge 
  • Plan for delivery 
  • Develop routines to drive delivery 
  • Learn how to manage stakeholder relationships during the delivery process 

Estimated learning time: 11 hours 

Dates: 29 May 2023 – 1 July 2023 

Apply by 5 May 2023.

The criteria for selection for the courses will be based on ensuring regional representation and relevance to the applicant’s day-to-day job. No prior qualifications are required.  

These courses are 3Ci’s first offering to upskill local authorities in net zero strategy, and they will inform greater work from 3Ci to accelerate capacity building and skills development to deliver net zero commitments. Contact us to find out more about how 3Ci can support your transition to net zero.


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