3Ci’s Evolution: Nurturing Sustainable Urban Development

By Steve Turner, Director, 3Ci

Tracing the trajectory of 3Ci reveals a journey marked by organic growth and collective ambition, rooted in a shared vision of sustainable urban development. 

From modest beginnings, 3Ci has cultivated strategic partnerships with influential entities like the M10 Leadership Group, Scottish Cities Alliance, and Key Cities, fostering a culture of collaboration and shared purpose. 

With quiet determination, 3Ci emerged onto the global stage, making its presence felt at prestigious events such as COP26, COP27, and COP28. Amidst the clamor of these gatherings, 3Ci effectively championed the cause of sustainability and climate action. 

Fueling progress through impactful initiatives, 3Ci orchestrated a series of regional investment events, which laid the groundwork for transformative projects that resonate with communities across the UK. 

Through its insightful reports and practical guidance, 3Ci has empowered local authorities and stakeholders, equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of sustainable urban development. 

Amidst this journey, 3Ci’s commitment to catalysing change remains steadfast, reflected in initiatives like the National Net Zero Project Pipeline and the 3Ci Net Zero Investment Taskforce. These initiatives effectively drive innovation and investment towards a more sustainable future. 

As 3Ci continues to grow and evolve, its resolute dedication to fostering sustainable urban development inspires communities and stakeholders to join hands in building a better tomorrow, one step at a time. We will focus on positioning UK cities and regions at the forefront of global initiatives to secure essential funding for achieving Net Zero. 

Our Mission: Supporting Local Authorities in Achieving Net Zero 

At the heart of 3Ci’s journey lies a profound mission: to support local authorities in securing the necessary long-term finance for achieving net zero. Our place-based experience and ability to convene government and financial institutions make us perfectly placed to help deliver that investment. By fostering collaboration among public and private stakeholders, we aim to surmount obstacles related to finance, scale, and capacity. Our goal is to cultivate an environment conducive to directing private investment into cities and regions, thereby accelerating progress towards Net Zero. 

Advancing Financial Models through the Net Zero Neighbourhood Pipeline 

Furthermore, in line with our mission, 3Ci is shifting its focus towards developing specific projects in the Net Zero Neighbourhood Pipeline and advancing the financial models that will evolve through this endeavor. This strategic move underscores our commitment to translating discussions into concrete actions, driving tangible progress towards a sustainable future. As we embark on this next phase of our journey, 3Ci remains steadfast in its commitment to championing change, fostering collaboration, and driving sustainable urban development across the UK and beyond. Join us in shaping a future where sustainability is not just a goal but a reality for generations to come. 


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