Net zero neighbourhoods: proposals welcomed

3Ci is looking for projects to be included in a new National Net Zero Neighbourhoods Programme, which will support and raise the profile of pilot schemes looking for local investment. This is a non-competitive process.

Net Zero Neighbourhoods is a place-based concept developed by 3Ci which aims to increase local prosperity through enhanced growth in green businesses and access to associated jobs. It also looks to create vibrant and cohesive communities through engagement and collaborative design, and enhance the attractiveness and quality of neighbourhoods.

Further information regarding submitting proposals for a Net Zero Neighbourhood will be provided in a workshop on Wednesday 5 July at 9.30am

Proposals accepted will be incorporated into a UK Net Zero Neighbourhood ‘pitchbook’ to be shared across Government departments and potential investors forming the basis of a potential first wave of a national programme, subject to funding being secured.

Successful schemes are set to be profiled and presented at COP28 in Dubai, as well as other national and international investment focused events. They will also be shared with the private finance community including institutional investors, investment banks and pension and sovereign wealth funds.

Proposals should form part of an existing or planned redevelopment scheme and local authorities are invited to submit single proposals that will contribute towards proving the concept of the Net Zero Neighbourhood model.

Proposals should:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the place-based Net Zero Neighbourhood model and how it could be applied within the proposal
  • Include a description and identification of location, including information on building type and mix (e.g. residential, office, leisure), physical infrastructure (including mobility and energy), diversity of the neighbourhood, green and blue space.
  • Provide evidence of political support at a senior level
  • Identify any secured or potential funding which might contribute towards the design or delivery of the programme.
  • Describe the diversity and socio-economic mix of the communities within the proposed neighbourhood

Registration of Interest

Please register your interest by submitting the name of the local authority and a contact person to

You will then receive a confirmation email, an invitation to join the webinar and a copy of the Executive Summary of our Outline Business Case for Net Zero Neighbourhoods.

Interested authorities will then be invited to submit a short application by 8 September 2023.


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