3Ci Roundtable with Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees.

What is this?

Marvin Rees became Mayor of Bristol in 2016 following a career working for international NGOs, journalism and the NHS on a variety of social issues. He completed his first Master’s in Political Theory and Government, and a second in Global Economic Development and had a number of public appointments including the National Community Forum, became a Yale World Fellow and co-founded the City Leadership Programme.

Marvin will be joined by Stephen Peacock, Chief Executive of Bristol City Council, and will be discussing the Net Zero achievements in the city such as Bristol City Leap, and how cities and industry can work together in future to achieve shared aims. The roundtable will include a light lunch and is for one senior representative per member.

Contact Ian Binns for more information.


This roundtable is the first in a series for our private sector members with key decision makers.

When & Where:

Thursday, February 8th 2024

12 – 2pm

In-person event: London


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